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AirCon Cleaning Services

AirConKleen FNQ offers the Tropical Coast of North Qld the most thorough and inexpensive way to clean a wall mounted air conditioning system .

Our professional technician will ensure your split system air conditioner will be free of mould, dust, grease, germs and bacteria commonly found in most residential and business air conditioners. Having your system annually  cleaned improves the systems performance and gives you a clean and safe environment to live in. 

Cleaning the filters of your split system air conditioner alone is not enough to remove hidden residual dust, fungal contamination deposited inside the components of the split system unit. Professional cleaning is essential.

We pride ourselves on prompt and professional service completing the job to our high standards.

Service Guarantee

Split systems are charged per unit with discounts for multiple units. Cassette and under ceiling units are P.O.A. We also guarantee our cleaning services to where we will come back and clean the unit free of charge if you are not satisfied with our initial clean.

How we clean your Air-Conditioner

Step 1 – Run unit for a few minutes and check air flow and temperature output. Cover floor with drop sheets and isolate power.

Step 2 – Remove casings and filters, install bib for catching cleaning products and apply special cleaning solution to barrell fan and fan chamber, coil and louvers.

Step 3 – While waiting for the cleaning solution to dissolve the contaminates clean the outside casings, filters and flush the outside condenser unit.

Step 4 – Rinse the whole inside unit with a pressure water spray, clean and flush the drip tray and flush the drainpipe to avoid the blockage caused by accumilated contamination.

Step 5 – Reassemble and sanitise the unit and test its performance.

Step 6 – Clean up after the job has been completed and report back to the customer on the results.

Why not do it yourself?

Using inappropiate cleaning substances can corrode your coil and therefore shorten the life of your unit. It is difficult to reach the internal components of the unit where the real problems of mould and bacteria occur so spend a few dollars and let your professional technician do the job for you so that in the long run you will save money with an extended life of your unit and lower power costs to run it.


AirConKleen – FNQ